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Why Buhari must be voted out

1. His wife does not support his administration
They say charity begins at home. Aisha Buhari has been married to PMB for almost 30 years and is arguably the person who knows him better than anyone else on earth. If she is repeatedly telling you that her husband’s administration has failed and that she does not support him then why should you? The concerning thing is that she is doing this despite the powerful forces that we know are present in her husband’s government which means she must be really worried about Nigeria. No wife of a head of state/president in Nigeria’s history has done this. She was conspicuously absent at the flag off of his campaign in Akwa Ibom and that is not normal. In any situation, if a man’s wife of 30 years with children tells you to not trust him, you should absolutely be concerned

2. Insecurity has worsened
Do you know how we can tell that PMB will not do anything about Boko Haram and the Herdsmen crisis if re-elected? We know because he has been there for almost four years now and things have only gotten worse. The man has no excuse. He borrowed a $1 billion loan specifically to fight Boko Haram – the same group that took over Baga while he was flagging off his 2019 campaign. Defence has had the lion share of the budget for the last three years as well. Where did all the money go? There is no arguing that this has been the most bloodletting this country has experienced since the civil war with thousands of people killed (
). Since 2015, innocent hardworking Nigerians have been murdered in cold blood in their houses, places of worship and farms with no arrests made. It is less than a week into a brand new year and people have already been slaughtered this week. Even soldiers have not been spared. Yet, all this administration had to offer us was that the perpetrators are from Libya. Is it impossible to arrest someone from Libya?

3. Pervasive Corruption
Let us be honest, PMB came into office primarily on his reputation as an anti-corruption candidate. At least that was what he led me to believe and I voted for him. Now it is clear that the corruption eradication that occurred in the 1980s was all down to Major General Tunde Idiagbon because Buhari has only encouraged corruption since he assumed power in 2015. To find corruption, you don’t even need to look outside the president’s inner circle. People like Rotimi Amaechi, Abdullahi Adamu, Adams Oshiomole, Aliyu Wammako, Bola Tinubu, Abdul’aziz Yari, Orji Uzor Kalu and Godswill Akpabio who had corruption cases pending against them are now some of his best friends. EFCC immediately went quiet on their cases as soon as they joined APC. His prior SGF Babachir Lawal misappropriated funds and yet remained in his post until a lot of pressure forced Buhari to sack him. The same Babachir Lawal was sighted two weeks ago in the Presidential Villa at the launch of PMB’s campaign group. How can we forget Abdulrasheed Maina who after stealing N2billion was reappointed to the civil service? Anyone with a corruption case who joins the APC automatically becomes a saint. Ganduje who was caught red-handed filling his agbada is not being investigated. This administration does not fight but rewards corruption. Even Transparency International stated that corruption is getting worse in Nigeria (

4. He does not believe he is accountable to you and does not care about your opinion
Remember when PMB spent 103 days in London for health reasons and did not think we deserved any explanation? The presidential jet was parked there at a cost of £1,000 daily [url](
)[/url]. All of these expenses were shouldered by Nigerian taxpayers. He also thinks that women should not have an opinion and belong to “the kitchen and the other room” which makes you wonder if he listens to the female members of his cabinet at all. Additionally, he does not address any issues affecting the country directly with Nigerians but gives interviews only when he is outside the country. For example, he never addressed the Ganduje dollar scandal that everyone was talking about here only to go discuss it during a visit to France. Even his own campaign DG says he does not read or listen to anyone. To him, we do not exist. Now that it is time for elections, he is smiling for you because he needs your vote. Only someone with a short memory will fall for his antics

5. Lying about his financial status
PMB told us he had no money to purchase the presidential nomination form of N50million in 2015. Yet, his son spent N112 million on BMW powerbikes which he crashed and then used our money for treatment at a hospital abroad. Furthermore, both Yusuf and Zahra studied at the University of Surrey in the UK graduating in 2016 and PMB has not explained how he funded their education. Members of his family have also been pictured wearing expensive clothing and accessories. It is either Buhari lied about his financial status or is looting from our treasury to finance these things. Something does not add up

6. Killing and Harassment of innocent citizens
While Boko Haram was ravaging the Northeast and reclaiming territory that had been captured by the Nigerian Army under the GEJ administration, PMB was busy sending Army resources and manpower to peaceful zones in the country to harass and kill innocent citizens. Shiites who were peacefully protesting the illegal detention of their leader were murdered on the streets. IPOB members whose only crime was to ask for a referendum were also killed or arrested. How do you proscribe IPOB as terrorist organization while groups like MACBAN who murder thousands of people and talk openly about it are allowed to walk free? Video evidence of this harassment was even published by the New York Times ( When called out by international groups like Amnesty International, PMB’s government responds by paying people to protest against such groups [( Everyone who is a part of this administration or is supporting it has blood on their hands. A lot of blood.

7. We have lost 11 million jobs under this administration
This administration entered power with the promise to create 3 million jobs every year. Fast forward to almost four years later and about 11 million Nigerians have lost their jobs leading Nigeria to overtake India as the world’s headquarters for “extreme poverty” ( I should add that these are numbers from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), a government agency that is part of the PMB administration. Unsurprisingly, PMB and the APC have tried to pressure the Statistician-General, Dr. Yemi Kale to change the unemployment figures to make the government look better but he refused. This example typifies the mode of operation of the APC: lie to get into power, make things worse than you met it and then try to lie/force/bribe/blame other people to cover up your incompetence

8. Ethnic divisions
Whether you admit it to yourself or not, Buhari has been the most divisive and bigoted leader in the history of Nigeria. The man started his term by dividing the country into 97% vs 5% effectively stating that some people deserve more from his government than others. His appointments have clearly been lopsided and violate federal character. The administration tried to lie about this but were caught red-handed by the excellent PremiumTimes ( If he was appointing technocrats who are making a difference, we might look at things differently. Instead PMB took 6 months to appoint people who ended up not having NYSC certificates. Even his Vice President cannot be left out. While in Ibadan recently, Prof Osinbajo stated that PMB will hand over the presidency to the south west after completing his two terms of eight years in office. The man had to rely on ethnic sentiments to ask for votes because his administration’s biggest accomplishment has been putting Nigerians through the worst hardship of their lifetimes.

9. Old Age and Poor Health
Let us recount how many times PMB has been out of the country for health reasons:
February 5, 2016 – Buhari embarks on a six-day medical vacation to London.
June 6, 2016 – Buhari takes to the skies for a 10-day medical vacation. Presidency says Buhari has to travel to deal with a “persistent ear infection”.
January 19, 2017 – Buhari is off to London again on a medical vacation.
February 5, 2017 – Buhari writes the national assembly, asks lawmakers to extend his London medical leave.
March 10, 2017 – Buhari returns to Nigeria but doesn’t resume work immediately. Presidency says “he’s working from home”.
May 7, 2017 – Buhari embarks on trip to London for another medical vacation. He returns after 104 days.
August 19, 2017 – Buhari returns to Nigeria and it takes him a while to resume work because rats have reportedly damaged furniture in his office. Presidency announces he’ll be working from home.
May 8, 2018 – Buhari is off to London for “medical review”—another name for a medical vacation.
Aug 1, 2018 – Buhari embarks on 10-day medical leave

PMB has spent about 20% of his time in office seeking medical care. I don’t have anything against a person being sick as we are all human beings and it is normal. However, with all due respect, I don’t believe that a frail 76 year old man who has spent over 200 days abroad on medical trips is in the best position to provide the leadership that this country needs at the moment

10. Hardship and Poverty
All you need to do to verify this is to speak with ordinary Nigerians and listen to what they are going through. People are resorting to doing things that they never thought of doing just to survive. There are no jobs and the price of everyday goods have gone up tremendously. After promising to lower the price of petrol to N40 and saying fuel subsidy was a scam during the 2015 campaign, the same Buhari raised the fuel price from N87 to N145 while still paying subsidy. Nigeria’s GDP also decreased from $568billion in 2014 to $375billion in 2017 ({google:instantExtendedEnabledParameter}ie=UTF-8 ). As I mentioned earlier, Nigeria is now the world’s headquarter of extreme poverty with 87million people (almost half of the population) living in poverty after overtaking India. In fact, a lot of people will tell you that the last time Nigeria was like this was under guess who? The same Buhari during his military regime 35 years ago. Poor economic decision making and a lack of vision has been the mainstay of this administration resulting in high job losses coupled with unsustainable inflation. The presidency does not feel it as they budget billions for food, haircuts, newspapers and petrol. It is unfortunate that despite the lesson that history taught us between 1983-1985, we decided to repeat our mistake.

11. It will be his last term
If PMB can perform this poorly in his first term when he knows that he will be seeking re-election, you can imagine how worse things will be when he no longer needs anyone to vote for him. The killings, poverty, and corruption we have seen so far will only be the tip of the iceberg. As Albert Einstein once said, “doing the same thing over again and expecting the same result is stupidity”. Nigeria under Buhari was bad in 1985 and 2015. That will not change if he remains in power come 2019.

My fellow Nigerians, let us resolve to do away with all obstacles holding us back in life in this new year. A very good first step would be kicking out this mistake of a party called APC out of power come February 2019

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