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I’m Being Threatened Because of The Ppread Article – File Jacket

Daily Nigeria journalist, who was released on the Internet Jaafar Jaafar, alleged that he had been seriously threatened in his life because of the news he allegedly had a video showing the governor of Kano State that he had been borrowing a million dollars. five

The journalist said that now he had to change his way to survive his life and health.

The state government has said it has been reported to have been blamed for the state governor, and it has even considered the legal process of prosecuting the journal of Daily Nigeria and its authors.

In his interview with the BBC, the Army’s Defense Minister, said he was incapable of judging because he had a strong deal of confidence with him before publishing this article.

The journalist said he received more than fifteen video clips showing how the governor was receiving coffee from contractors.

Experts have explored the video, and have proven that its authenticity is not a matter of evil, software, or software, “Jaafar said.

However, the journalist said he had delayed publishing the video because of security problems, “Just a little bit before I publish the video and why it is so, I want to find a safe place to stay safe with family ”.

He said, “There were officials who called me saying we were aware that there were some government officials who were trying to move us far because you agreed to be reconciled to me.

The state government has already rejected the allegations in the state, saying that the state governor was only trying to slander the state governor.

The statement by Kano State Commissioner for Public Affairs, Muhammad Garba, said that the news did not make Governor Ganduje do it.

This story continues to attract people especially to social media publishing articles and ideas on the subject.

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