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The Hypocracy of Buhari and APC over the use of Security Forces During Election

Nigerians, just look at this matter and judge for yourselves how hypocritical your so called leaders are.

1) In 2015, the PDP government was ordered by the courts not to deploy the soldiers for 2015 elections.

Here’s an excerpt from that order:

“The armed forces have no role in elections.

The time has come for us to establish the culture of democratic rule in the country and to start to do the right thing particularly when it has to do with dealing with the electoral process which is one of the pillars of democracy.

In spite of the behaviour of the political class, we should by all means try to keep armed personnel and military from being a part and parcel of the electoral process.

The state is obligated to confine the military to their very demanding assignment, especially in this time of insurgencies by keeping them out of elections. The state is also obligated to ensure that citizens exercise their franchise freely and unmolested.


Jonathan lacks powers to deploy troops for elections – Court

Deployment of soldiers for elections is unconstitutional – Falana

Court bars soldiers from polling stations

2) Buhari and APC insisted that the PDP led government and the INEC must obey the court order by not deploying the soldiers FOR ANY REASON during the 2015 elections.

Here’s an excerpt from the letter APC sent to INEC in 2015:

“I am sure all well-meaning Nigerians share your deep seated concern on the militarisation of our elections.

“It is therefore imperative your good office and commission ensure, henceforth, and until there is an enabling Act of the National Assembly, the court orders are obeyed and armed forces personnel are never again deployed in any form of security supervision of our elections.”


APC writes Jonathan, Jega on using military for elections

3) Fast forward to 2019 elections, not only is APC led government deploying soldiers (and other security agents) to the elections, but Buhari has publicly threatened Nigerians that soldiers will kill people at sight during the election (if they’re perceived to be ballot snatchers). No head of state has been this reckless in this country during an election. Not even Abacha. And the army says they are ready to obey the order in full.

Here’s an excerpt from the Army’s response to the government’s alleged call for extra judicial killings during the forth coming elections.

Here’s an excerpt from the order:

If Commander-in-Chief has given order to the Nigerian Army to that effect, be rest assured that order will be totally and effectively obeyed without any ifs or buts.”


4) Finally, remember, APC has kept telling us that all the elections from 2003 – 2011 were rigged. They also told us that Book Haram was on rampage during Jonathan’s era. What does this tell us? It tells us that Jonathan and the then PDP led govt. had lots of just and valid security reasons to deploy soldiers during the 2015 elections. However, Buhari and his APC party insisted that the then government must not deploy soldiers.

5) But, today, despite the fact that the 2015 elections proved to be one of the fairest and most credible elections in the recent history; despite the fact that Buhari has severally claimed that security situation has improved and Boko Haram has been decimated, still he is deploying a record number of soldiers during the 2019 elections. Not only that, he has also instructed the soldiers to kill at sight. Again, no head of state has been this reckless in this country during an election. Not even Abacha.

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